Automatic Rebalancing: Everything You Need to Know

auto rebalancing portfolio

Nothing in this informational site is an offer, solicitation of an offer, or advice to buy or sell any security and you are encouraged to consult your personal investment, legal, or tax advisors. Automatic portfolio rebalancing can be vital because it helps ensure that an investor’s portfolio stays aligned with their financial goals and risk tolerance. Without rebalancing, a portfolio can drift away from its target allocation due to market movements or other factors, potentially increasing risk or reducing potential returns.

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Just keep in mind that the use of asset allocation doesn’t guarantee returns or protect you from potential losses. Titan Global Capital Management USA LLC (“Titan”) is an investment adviser registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”). By using this website, you accept and agree to Titan’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Titan’s investment advisory services are available only to residents of the United States in jurisdictions where Titan is registered. Nothing on this website should be considered an offer, solicitation of an offer, or advice to buy or sell securities or investment products.

The potential cost benefits of automated portfolio rebalancing

78% of retail investor accounts lose money when spread betting and/or trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how spread bets and CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. Direct cash inflows such as dividends and interest into your portfolio’s underweighted asset classes. And when withdrawing from your portfolio, start with your overweighted asset classes. The services provided to clients will vary based upon the service selected, including management, fees, eligibility, and access to an advisor.

While it may be effective, it’s also unpopular — especially among DIY investors — because it means you have to have a consistent, accurate view of all the assets that make up your portfolio. As you get closer to retirement, move among different tax brackets, require more liquidity, and experience major life changes (marriage, etc.) — you’ll likely find your objectives and risk tolerance changing as well. Do you know of any that will let you pick the ETFs and percentage allocation and then will finish all the trades for you ? In the case of the gains in the stock market, this might cause your allocation to stocks to be higher than you’d like.

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Investors should discuss their specific situation with their financial professional. If at this stage, you find that you have an unwieldy number of accounts—perhaps you have several 401 plans with several former employers—consider consolidating them. You can roll over old 401 balances to an individual retirement account . To get an accurate picture of your investments, you need to look at all your accounts combined, not just individual accounts. If you have both a 401 and a Roth IRA, you want to know how they’re working together.

  • While this may seem good because the stock went up, the portfolio is steadily becoming riskier and more concentrated in one stock.
  • If throughout the year, stocks return 35% and bonds return 2%, stocks are now worth $87.75 (65 x 1.35) and make up 71% of your portfolio, while bonds are worth $35.70 (35 x 1.02) and make up 29%.
  • If robo-advising won’t prevent you from buying high and selling low, then paying an individual investment advisor to make sure you stay disciplined with your investing strategy can pay off.
  • Rebalancing is the act of buying and selling investments to return your portfolio to its intended portfolio mix.

Target-date funds could also be advantageous for those investors who prefer a more hands-off approach. These managed funds change the risk profile based on your expected retirement age, selecting more conservative assets as you get older. For most investors, the most common reason to rebalance a portfolio is diversification. Through this strategy, you auto rebalancing portfolio seek to ensure asset allocations remain consistent and in-line with your investment goals. Automatic rebalancing is offered through Human Interest Advisors Model Portfolios, and when a participant utilizes a model portfolio. Human Interest Advisors offers different risk-based models based on your age and responses to a risk tolerance questionnaire.

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Learn more about how we make money and our review process on our advertising disclosure page. The typical investor is focused on family, work and other daily responsibilities rather than tracking their portfolio on a regular basis. Because their minds are elsewhere, it is possible to miss rebalancing triggers which can add unnecessary risk to their portfolios. Here are the tips you should keep in mind if you’d like to auto rebalance your portfolio. Robo-advisors commonly offer an automatic rebalance feature, taking the pressure off you and helping you sleep better at night.

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Discover the benefits of automatic portfolio rebalancing with our ultimate guide. Learn how it works and how to implement it in your portfolio for a stress-free and financially secure future. There are two primary strategies when it comes to rebalancing your portfolio. The first is based on time and the other focuses on the mix of assets. Most Robo-advisors allow you to set up the threshold of automatic rebalancing. For example, if you aren’t concerned if the portfolio drifts slightly, you can set the point at which you’d want the portfolio rebalanced.

You skip manually calculating and placing trades, and you avoid the tax consequences of selling. If the allocations are different than the originally intended values, proceed to the next step. Find a variety ofdo-it-yourself resourcesto help boost your rebalancing knowledge and determine a plan that works for you.



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Will, being the millennial and software engineer of the pair, is very interested in the technology behind robo advisors. When he’s not working or investing, Will likes to go hiking with his girlfriend Shannon and schnauzer Daenerys (Dae for short.) He’s also getting into ice hockey but wasn’t auto rebalancing portfolio born with an innate sense of balance. The frequency of rebalancing will depend on the investor’s specific goals and risk tolerance, as well as the portfolio’s characteristics. Some investors may rebalance their portfolio quarterly, while others may do it annually or even less frequently.

How does automatic rebalancing impact a retirement fund like a 401(k)?

A common strategy is to avoid selling any investments when rebalancing your portfolio. Instead, when you deposit cash or receive a dividend, the robo-advisor uses that money to purchase more of the investment you’re underweight in. The easiest way to rebalance your DIY portfolio is to choose funds whose managers do the rebalancing for you. You’ve probably read that young investors should place a high percentage of their money in stocks since they have a long time horizon and stocks tend to perform the best in the long run. But your ideal asset allocation depends not just on your age but also on your risk tolerance. If a 10% drop in the stock market would cause you to panic and start selling stocks, you have a lower risk tolerance than someone who would see that same market drop as a buying opportunity.

Morningstar’s Total Rebalance Expert platform gives financial pros the tools they need to rebalance portfolios on behalf of their customers. And, our custom stock tickers offer yet another way to track nearly any stock, ETF, or mutual fund. Rebalancing once in a while is a great opportunity to check if your investment strategy still meets your current goals and/or needs, and readjust as it makes sense. Within a 401 or similar tax-deferred retirement plan, there should be no tax implications connected with rebalancing. Table 1 shows the initial hypothetical portfolio and the number NEAR of shares, price per share, dollar value and weighting of each asset class in the portfolio. We allow some drift so we can capture returns and calculate whether the benefit of rebalancing makes sense based on your goals.

auto rebalancing portfolio

While many people assume that a portfolio needs rebalancing because some investments go down in value, that isn’t always the case. In an up-market, it is possible that some investments grow faster than others, causing an out-of-balance portfolio. If you don’t reallocate your portfolio, there’s no guarantee you’ll reach your goals in the timeline you set. This could cause you unnecessary stress and/or cause you to make irrational investment decisions to make back what you lost. When you set up your portfolio, you likely did so with certain guidelines and timelines in place.

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