The Most Common Holiday Addiction Triggers

Encourage the development of a plan to help guide the activities around your client’s celebrating. It is helpful to schedule fun and enjoyable activities that involve healthy and supportive people such as watching a funny movie, having coffee with a friend, or playing a board game. Limiting idle time can be an effective way to avoid falling back into old, maladaptive behaviors.

While it’s true that many of us have friends and family to connect with during the holiday season, there’s also the danger of becoming isolated. If you are predisposed to depression or anxiety, it can be especially hard to reach out to others. We at Eating Disorder Hope understand that reframing holidays in early recovery eating disorders result from a combination of environmental and genetic factors. If you or a loved one are suffering from an eating disorder, please know that there is hope for you, and seek immediate professional help. Too often with eating disorders, the disorder itself is disarming.

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Embracing the winter and enjoying this season can look different for many in our area. For some, embracing winter can look like taking on a new winter sport like snowboarding, snowshoeing, or skiing. For some, it can look like joining a new book club, learning to knit, or learning a new recipe. Winter is not just meant to be survived but experienced and lived through. It can be a time for slowing down and learning to rest our minds and body.

  • Ann is trained in conducting Early Childhood Mental Health Assessments for ages 0-5.
  • The holidays are typically the hardest time of year to stay sober.
  • It tricks the body into thinking, “There’s no panic here.
  • Even the sunniest places like Del Mar, California, can feel cold and get dark early during the winter, causing isolation and depression.

If you’re ready to make a change to your substance use or maybe you want a little assistance, let’s get started. We’re here to help get you started in substance abuse counseling in Wilmington, NC. Have a plan – It’s important to have a plan going into the holidays. What will you do if you’re offered a drink or if a trigger arises and drugs or alcohol are available?

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Losing a loved one is difficult any time of year, but can be even harder around the holidays. Learn how to see the signs of prolonged grief disorder and how to get help. If you are living with grief, loss, trauma, or loneliness, it can be easy to compare your situation to others’, which can increase feelings of loneliness or sadness. Take time to check in with yourself and your feelings and have realistic expectations for how the holiday season will be. There are a variety of reasons why your days may not be merry and bright around the holiday season.

  • Alcohol can still be detected in your system though; don’t forget to have a designated driver to stay safe.
  • Chris Ross believes in building strong relationships with his clients and community organizations to provide the best possible outcomes for success with the people he supports.
  • The second and final step is to find available days and times of groups and drop-in hours.
  • Sobriety means cutting ties with friends who were a negative influence on you and restoring relationships with those you may have hurt along the way.
  • Make sure you’re finding ways to connect with others while still following appropriate recommendations to stay healthy.

For example, many holidays like the celebration of Cinco de Mayo by non-Mexican people in the United States are celebrated with appropriation at the forefront. For ideas to celebrate in a way that honours Mexican independence, check out How To Celebrate Cinco De Mayo Respectfully. I came in hopeless and left hopeful, with a treasure chest full of “good” coping tools. Casa Palmera gave me a second chance at “Living the Life” I’ve always wanted. Balance, sobriety, health and a mindful approach for a lasting recovery. Educate your client about boundaries and practice defining healthy boundaries in their relationships.

Reasons Productivity is Hard Right Now (and How to Stay Sober Anyway)

A study in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology says that interacting with indoor plants can help reduce stress. When the winter months are dark and dismal, having indoor plants can add green to your space and lift your mood. Playing board games can bring your friends together in a sober-friendly way. If you cannot meet in person, there are several virtual gaming options available for free or you can host a group video chat and play that way. You can also plan fun, exciting things to do while you wait for longer, brighter days. Having something to look forward to can help break up the repetitiveness of dull, depressing days and bring warmth into your life even when it may be chilly outside.

reframing holidays in early recovery

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