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He specializes in designing and developing large-scale telecommunication solutions for education and medicine using WEBRTC technology. As an active member of the WEBRTC infrastructure development community, Andrii constantly shares his knowledge and ideas with like-minded individuals. Puneet loves to spend his day reading, exercising, and exploring different places. You can automate transaction management, and email replies while enhancing your support systems with AI. Our AI-based services can improve your predictive analytics features to promote a profitable business.

VIENNA Advantage Business Intelligence helps you to dive into your operational structures and processes and learn about gaps and inefficiencies. Learn more about your pricing, revenue and profitability patterns and simulate “what-if” scenarios to optimize your offerings. Automate your billing needs and monetize opportunities quickly and effectively by deploying our telco-native subscription billing solution. Track telco network equipment and IoT data in a central repository to simplify collaboration on asset maintenance, usage, and failures – and to keep telco assets performing at their best.

Building world-class telecom network operations

Orange Cyberdefense is Europe’s leading go-to security services provider, supporting businesses across the world. We specialize in transforming data into opportunity and value, but we know that the data journey is complex and fraught with risk. We employ end-to-end security to protect your data throughout the entire journey, from collection to storage to analysis, and help you exploit its power what is enterprise software safely and responsibly. We are the strong security partner you need to protect your resources, one that understands the risk landscape today and can predict it tomorrow. We have been working for over 10 years and they have become our long-term technology partner. Any software development, programming, or design needs we have had, Belitsoft company has always been able to handle this for us.

  • We created a web-based system for tracking and managing the configuration of equipment that services 1800 TV channels.
  • We are the strong security partner you need to protect your resources, one that understands the risk landscape today and can predict it tomorrow.
  • Partnering up with a custom telecom software development company you can figure out how to attain new revenue streams and business insights with your big data.
  • You don’t have to hire an army of data scientists or buy expensive third-party tools and data warehouses to glean meaningful business insights.
  • Tap into new opportunities with customer-centric business applications built to support growth.
  • The client pays the agency for services but does not need to manage people.

Our teams of domain specialists are ready to develop the most complex and challenging solutions, taking advantage of our expertise in automation and developing cloud-native services and infrastructure. We design and develop custom telecom apps that support multiple platforms and cater to the specific needs of your business. From features to the technology stack, our experts can deliver services that suit the needs of startups and enterprise-level telecom companies. We are disrupting the market, competing, and winning bids against the major software providers in our space.

For every real-world problem, we have delivered software solutions that reflect our expertise in diverse verticals. Integrate with different operational platforms and Internet of Things to automate business processes and operational activities. VIENNA Advantage offers an integrated platform which serves as the central platform for all your integrated applications. Our enterprise technology will help you pinpoint all IT costs and reconcile them with the vendor contracts/invoice/services/assets to determine what you are paying for and how to better manage it. You can deploy new revenue models and grow profits by monetizing next-generation network capabilities with an agile process for high-volume subscription billing and revenue management. Streamlined bill-to-cash processes help ensure fast, compliant revenue management and increase financial insight and control.

Practice best benchmark features of your industry

We can design and implement OSS solutions that can support and maintain your communications network. You will be able to manage your network operations with ease with our intuitive OSS software. Best integrated software solutions with the option to add or modify applications features and enable modularity at the individual service component level. Skilled telecommunication software developers providing all the necessary support throughout engineering change management, deployment, and maintenance. We chose EPAM Anywhere Business to develop a native mobile extension of an existing enterprise application. Cover all your corporate telecommunication needs with telecom API integration or building custom telecom solutions.

telecom enterprise software solutions

Belitsoft company delivered dedicated development team for our products, and technical specialists for our clients’ custom development needs. At Serole, our client list boasts some of the leading players in the telecommunication industry across the world. Our ready-to-deploy software solutions for telecom companies make implementation and integration smooth, fast and easy. Our domain knowledge across OSS/BSS forms a good foundation to address the needs of the industry and bring world-class results.

Powerful archival and retrieval for improved customer experience

Improve network performance and maintenance, provide customers with better-personalized experiences, and invent new revenue streams with big data & AI. IFS Applications is an enterprise resource planning software that offers extensive software support for a wide range of industries, ranging from manufacturing to the professional services sector. Unit4 ERP is enterprise resource planning software that provides a role-based, service-oriented architecture solution.

Development of a multi-user, web-based centralized system with reporting. Working with UUUSoftware ensures a quick time-to-market as well as seamless product adaptation and expansion. Our approach allows you to benefit from full automation of operations and provisioning. We adapt companies’ legacy infrastructure to meet the high-velocity digital market conditions.

Looking to Implement these Next-Gen Technologies in Your Telecom System?

Operations support services that maintain physical telecommunications equipment and logical assets and leverage prompt solutions for resolving network connection issues. Improve customer experiences, cut operational costs, and improve your cross-selling and up-selling opportunities by enabling fast and convenient self-service software technologies. We helped our teams to evacuate, secured the business processes, made data and projects backups and migrated servers. Implementing a telecommunications billing system is not only a way to automate business processes, but it also…

Outdated systems slow down business development, do not allow it to grow, and reduce competitiveness. Leverage our ML, behavioral and big data analytics to grow your investment in operations, security, and monetization. Ribbon seamlessly integrates IP and Optical transport technologies with powerful, intent-driven domain orchestration to provide a 5G xhaul solution.

Reliable partner for Telecom enterprise companies

DevOps allow you to integrate your operations and development team to resolve issues faster. Gain better visibility in your processes and automatically configure your hardware/telecom devices with DevOps services. We build custom telecom audit software that can help your telecom company to analyze your expenses, and extract and save audit data that deliver valuable business insights. With dedicated telecom management software, you can monitor your network performance and bandwidth in real-time, and identify the possible glitches.

Optimize service delivery for telecommunications with FinancialForce on the Salesforce platform

Integrio Systems empowers telecom providers with custom telecom software solutions to ensure your customers receive a high quality of service, low latency, and stable operations. Intellias offers custom IT solutions for telecommunications addressing specific business optimization requests. Working on software development for telecom, Intellias facilitates customer service with tailored user management solutions and ERP systems. Enterprise resource planning software for construction industries enables organizations working in this field to manage the entire business in one unified solution. Traditionally, ERP systems did not cater to this industry segment, and some solutions would better address one area of the construction landscape versus another. However, recent advances into the research and development of these solutions have led to systems that provide better coverage of the totality of construction needs.

Discuss your ideas and requirements with our experts and get a free no-obligation quote for your project. Use Softeligent to determine how IT-related expenses should be allocated to the various departments within your enterprise. Find out why Softeligent has a 100% customer retention and satisfaction. Ensure you can absolutely deliver what you sell today and anticipate what you need to do the same tomorrow. Telecom Startups – Win the competition with a high-quality MVP developed by our professional team. During the war in Ukraine, the IT market has faced risks and threats and has to accommodate to changes, reconcile with reality and find the pace to thrive and fight along with the country and people.

Backend developers

We provide you with developers right from EPAM’s IT talent pool, where your future developers have served such companies as Telefonica, Turner Entertainment Network, and many other innovation and transformation pioneers. This means that EAB developers have most likely already solved challenges you have only started to address. EAB was designed with the client’s security and developers’ comfort in mind and proved to be an extra convenient cooperation tool for both sides. Going cloud native is an essential strategy for businesses facing the exponential increase in the amount of data they need to collect, store and process. Automation creates more resilience and reliability throughout the entire architecture, and that means faster and more reliable application performance.

TM help network operators create a single source of network truth to meet their digital transformation ambitions and operational KPIs. Our award-winning, cloud-enabled solutions save time and money, and improve safety and productivity, while enhancing customer satisfaction. Our teams work with cloud-based telecom solutions and customize communication products for business needs. UUUSoftware incorporates its expertise in various services that are vital for telecom-related fields.

We found working with EPAM has been a true partnership, where they’ve proven themselves to be a reliable, trustworthy and hardworking team that has really helped us push the boundary of customer-centric innovation. NetSuite offers all the traditional ERP capabilities and business processes including, order to cash, procure to pay, plan to produce, and record to report. Additionally, NetSuite offers advanced features, including all the multi’s , WMS, …

Seamlessly prepare compelling estimates that are both competitive and profitable. Centralize revenue streams in a single revenue recognition and forecasting solution. Get compliant with the new ASC 606 and IFRS 15 standards, automate calculations, and reduce period-end close for a complete picture of your revenue.

Amid rapid industry changes, professional services businesses still want to deliver great results on time and on budget, keeping customers happy and successful. Make that vision reality with best-in-class services automation and ERP from FinancialForce. Enhance operational efficiency of your infrastructure by automating processes and embedding advanced software solutions for telecommunications. Implementing a telecommunications billing system is not only a way to automate business processes, but it also is the start of the digital transformation of a whole business. Ensuring the security and integrity of the network is paramount to the success of a telecoms provider. Our telecommunication management system development services include the development of a security system that provides end-to-end security, from the overall network to each device that’s a part of that network.

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